Create that all important Wow Factor at your workplace with Coach Approach and our team of elite and professional athletes.

All of the programs are tailored to meet any outcome your company desires and are guaranteed to leave your staff raving about the experience for months afterwards.

Programs available include Team Building, Graduate Induction Days, Health & Wellbeing – Stress Down Days, Family Days / Christmas Parties and Conferences. Scroll down for more information on each. Programs can also be tailored to your specific needs, feel free to make an enquiry today.

Team Building

Is your work team/division not getting along, lack productivity, have poor communication skills, refuse to work together, lack motivation, in the process of a major change or are simply stuck in a rut? Coach Approach is here to help!

Coach Approach will provide your employees with the opportunity to interact with an advanced portfolio of elite athletes, whilst also delivering a unique team building experience.

There’s no better way to exhibit the importance of teamwork than through the experiences of athletes who have been through it themselves. Our team of elite athletes will not only demonstrate the importance of teamwork but they will also offer inspiration and draw from their own personal experiences, reflecting on both situations of success and failure.

The aims of our teambuilding program include: increase the amount of positive and constructive communication, identify and learn how to cope with personality differences, increase cooperation within the group, understand the nature of problems, and evaluate decisions and processes.

Program Description

Employees will learn the important elements that form the foundation of working in a successful team. Athletes will examine and dissect the dynamics of your group by identifying the different roles within your team and by also looking at the behaviours of team members in different situations.

  • 2HR Workshop
  • 4 team building elements examined (Team dynamics, Communication, Trust and Problem Solving)
  • Activities conducted by elite athletes
  • Tailor made activities

This is an exciting opportunity for employees to revitalize as a group and build team morale. Coach Approach will prove an excellent tool for convincing the sceptics of the value of teamwork. Many workers are so competitive or so inexperienced with working on a team that they doubt the benefits of team work. This makes for hesitation in sharing information and responsibilities. Our workshop will help discover the value of diversity and how successful it can be.

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Graduate Induction Days

So, you have a bulk of Graduates who have come through the recruitment process and are ready to start their journey into experiencing their first serious employment and the next stage of their life. At this stage, they will probably be experiencing some trepidation and nerves, as well as having a strong desire to contribute and make an impression.

At Coach Approach we believe that our Graduate Induction Program will accelerate the transition and help with the challenges of moving into a new organisation. Our program creates a genuinely positive, relaxed and non-threatening environment where graduates get the unique opportunity to have some fun and participate in a Coach Approach Gala with some of Australia’s finest elite and professional athletes.

The aim of our program is to provide a fun and energetic experience, improve morale, reduce anxiety, and aid the development of team spirit and camaraderie.

Program Description

Participants are introduced to a range of activities each represented by an elite/professional athlete. They will spend 30mins participating in each activity learning the skills, interacting with the athletes and getting to know each other. Barriers will be broken, friendships will form, and memories will be made.


  • 4 activities rotating every 30mins
  • Activities represented by elite athletes
  • Participants have a go at all activities
  • Prize Give Aways, showbags

…..and much much more!


  • 2 activities rotating every 30mins
  • Activities represented by elite athletes
  • Participants have a go at both activities
  • Prize Give Aways, showbags

….and much much more!

Guest Speaker – Work/Life Balance

A day in the life of an elite athlete is challenging and requires great organisation. Hear from one of athletes about the importance of maintaining a healthy work/life balance and why it is particularly important in the transitional phase from university to full-time work. The athlete will highlight their own personal experiences and the way they maintain balance in their lives. They will introduce and discuss some strategies that can be implemented to achieve this balance and maintain a picture of health.

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Health & Wellbeing – Stress Down Days

Stress is major factor in our lives today. Some level of stress is normal however research has shown that prolonged stress can be harmful to our physical and mental health. Stress is a very real occurrence in the workplace, with the incidence of stress-related claims having risen dramatically in the last ten years. Stress has proven to be a major cost for Australian businesses in relation to absentee-ism, increased insurance premiums and a less productive workforce.

If you are striving for fewer stress-related absences, lower turnover and increased employee motivation in the workplace than give your employees the exciting opportunity to “Stress Down” and interact with some of Australia’s highest profile athletes in a Coach Approach Sports Gala.

The aim of our “Stress Down” program is to encourage employees to consciously look after their own wellbeing and motivate them to continue keeping active, which is vital, not only for individual health, but also as a means in achieving a level of optimum personal performance in the working environment.

Our Expos are easy to organise, make good business sense, and can effectively contribute to providing a workplace in which stress is minimised.

Program Description

Our programs show the corporate world how it is done at the most elite level of sport, delivering a memorable experience, as well as generating general health and wellbeing. We will provide your employees with the golden opportunity to let their hair down and try their hand at some friendly competition in a Coach Approach Sports Gala.

Participants are introduced to a selection of sports each represented by an elite/professional athlete. They will spend 30mins participating in each sport learning the skills, interacting with the athletes and stressing down. They will also hear from the athletes about the importance of maintaining a healthy work/life balance.


  • 4 sports activities rotating every 30mins
  • Sports represented by elite athletes
  • Participants have a go at all activities
  • Prize Give Aways, showbags

…..much much more!

1HR – 12 Week Sessional

  • Once a week one hour sports session with a different activity every week
  • Each session tailored to employee fitness levels
  • Competitive/non-competitive – Your Choice!

We believe that our programs help employees to become healthier through active participation in sport. Sport is widely acknowledged to have a positive impact upon motivation and productivity in the workplace. Studies have proven that employees who participate in sport report lower levels of stress and absenteeism. Sport participation has also been linked to improve productivity and employee performance, improve concentration and focus, help sustain wellbeing and health and enhance morale and motivation.

While staff turnover can never be completely eradicated, you can make a definite positive impact by implementing a Coach Approach “Stress Down” program and striving for a healthy, happy and more motivated workplace.

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Family Days / Christmas Parties

Finding a healthy work-life balance has become exceedingly important for workplaces in retaining staff. For many modern day workplaces it is not unusual to work long hours, weekends and late nights. The downside is that you don’t get to see your family as much as you would like and you’re constantly missing little Billie’s football game.

A Coach Approach corporate family day is a perfect way to reward your staff (and their families) and all the hard work they put in. It is also a great way to get your employees’ families together, where the kids can enjoy getting active with some of Australia’s most elite and professional athletes whilst the adults enjoy socializing.

Program Description

Your employee’s families will have a fun filled day out where kids will have the unique opportunity to interact in a Coach Approach Sports Gala with some of Australia’s finest athletes. Kids can make new friends by meeting other kids, whilst the husbands, wives and partners get a chance to meet and interact in an informal environment. Kids will participate in a range of different sports, each one represented by an elite athlete.

  • 2.5 Hour Sports Gala
  • 19 sports to choose from (4-6 selected for the day)
  • Kids rotate between the activities for the duration of the session
  • Prizes
  • Autograph signing

We liaise with you to select a venue for your company, and we can also put together an entertainment and food package. Most importantly we manage all the fun for your Family Day.

Our program is guaranteed to leave your employees counting down the days until the next event where their kids can have fun and partners can relax and socialise. Make your next family day the hit of the year with Coach Approach and enjoy the benefits of that all important ‘WOW factor’.

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Get Coach Approach along to your next conference and we will provide the participants with the exciting opportunity to refresh and revive their mind with some of Australia’s highest profile athletes. This is a unique opportunity for you to offer all participants at your next conference something different, as well as creating a memorable experience. Physical exercise benefits not only our bodies, but also our minds and sports particpation helps to stimulate and revive the mind in addition to all its other benefits.

The aim of the program is to refresh and revitalise participants either before or after a day of listening, sitting and observing. Our programs are highly interactive, fun and energising. We provide participants with the opportunity to move laugh and play, as well as helping to restore concentration levels and increase motivation at your conference.

Program Description

Our program offers participants at your conference a bit of fun, whilst also getting them motivated for the day’s proceedings. Programs are flexible and can easily work within your schedule and time frame. Activities have an energetic focus and are not too difficult, enabling everyone to participate.

  • Rotational Activities
  • Activities coordinated by elite/professional athletes
  • Inside or outside
  • Start, middle or end of your conference
  • Sports or team games focus

Kick start your conference with an hour of hip hop dance or break up the day with a two hour teambuilding session. Did someone say handball competition or netball shoot out with some of Australia’s greatest athletes? Or hear from the best about what it takes to be part of a successful team…..

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