• Promote sports participation and health education in a highly skilled and inspirational environment
  • Use elite and professional athletes to deliver our programs. Athletes who exhibit resilience, determination, discipline, work ethic and mental fortitude to achieve their dreams
  • The programs and school incursions we offer include
  • Sports and Health Expos
    Educational workshops
    Motivational talks
    Team building activities

  • Provide students with positive role models and give them the opportunity to interact and converse with some of Australia’s top athletes
  • We get schools excited about sports and ‘Getting Active’
  • We encourage students to have a go in a positive, safe and fun environment


Coach Approach and the Community

Coach Approach is indirectly involved in the Olympic Games with many of our Coaches training passionately to secure a place in the Australian Team. It is these athletes that impart their energy and inspiration to workers across Australia. Coach Approach was instrumental in the 2012 London Olympic Games, with 10 of our athletes participating in the games and 3 of those athletes coming home with a Bronze medal. We are again looking forward to the 2016 Olympic Games with a number of our athletes vying for spots to represent Australia at the Games next year.

Not only does Coach Approach support and encourage sports participation to all Australians but it also supports many elite athletes in amateur sports by providing them with the opportunity to earn an income whilst also completing their training.

Coach Approach has also been a proud supporter of the Relay For Life for five years which is an overnight team event to raise funds for cancer research, education and patient support programs. Coach Approach has assisted in the Relay For Life by providing athletes to run mini sports clinics as entertainment for the event.