• Athlete Delivered
  • Workshops are usually one/two hours in length

You Are What You Eat

Is designed to educate children about healthy eating and nutrition claims, exercise regimes, understanding food labels and finding the right nutritional balance.
Duration 1 hour.

More information – You Are What You Eat pdf

Strive & Thrive

Designed with a strong emphasis on goal setting & achievement, effective leadership and motivation. Participants identify personal goals and work out strategies they can implement that will help achieve them.
Duration 1 hour.

More information – Strive & Thrive pdf

Empowering Dynamics

This workshop considers the nature of bullying in schools and how it can be avoided. As a secondary component, Coach Approach will also teach your students the art of self discipline, focus and control, as well as practical safe self defense techniques.
Duration 1 hour.

More information – Empowering Dynamics Educational Workshop pdf