Super Sports Expo

2.5hr program $10.00 +GST per participant

Mini Sports Expo

1.5hr program $8.00 +GST per participant.

  • Athlete Delivered, One-Off Program
  • Expos are available for student numbers from 50 – 1000
  • Coach to Student maximum ratio is 1: 30
  • 22 Sports to choose from (4-6 selected for given day Eg. 100 Students = 4 Sports)
  • Rotational (participants have a go at ALL activities)
  • Prizes & Autograph Signing

More information – Step by Step pdf

Tokyo 2021 Expo

  • Book this Expo to get your students all pumped up for the Games!
  • You can run your own Opening Ceremony prior to the Expo beginning
  • This will be the most popular time of the year for Expos so get in early (July – August 2021)

More information – Tokyo 2021 Expo pdf
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