What type of occasions does Coach Approach cater for?

Coach Approach caters for a variety of events and occasions.

  • All year levels Kinda/Prep – Year 12
  • Team Building
  • Conferences
  • Graduate Induction Days
  • Christmas Parties
  • Family Days
  • Health & Wellbeing – Stress Down Day


Can you run a Coach Approach Expo in my area?

YES. We can run events all over Australia, New Zealand and Asia/Pacific.

Do you only run the programs that are on the website?

NO. Coach Approach specifically tailors all programs to meet our client’s requirements. The programs provided on the website are just a guide of the types of Expos we offer, however, we are always developing new Expos that are company specific.

If your school/company has something specific in mind, or an upcoming special event that you require assistance in organising, we are more than happy to help out.

Do Coach Approach organise venue hire, catering, transport, accommodation and any other extras as part of the Expo? Are these included in the price?

YES. We can organise any venue hire that is required and factor it into the quoted price. We can also organise any required catering, transport and accommodation to make the experience run smoothly and be hassle free, the only thing you worry about is having fun.

Is food and drink included in your programs?

If you would like to have food and drink included in your Coach Approach Expo, we will organise the best catering service and incorporate the cost into the quote.

Memorable pics?

Coach Approach will capture all the action throughout the entire event, but you are more than welcome to bring your own camera.

Can we get photos of the day?

The Coach Approach team will take plenty of action shots of the Expo and will transfer the images onto disc as a slide show for you to view at your pleasure.

How hard are the programs physically?

The intensity of all Coach Approach programs is entirely dictated by what you want to achieve, and the type of Expo desired. All Coach Approach athletes are trained to take into account varying fitness levels and the demographics of ALL participants, ensuring a safe and enjoyable environment at all times.

What is the duration of a Coach Approach Expo?

Coach Approach Expos vary in time depending on the number of participants, the location, budget and time frame. Most of our Expos run in the morning or afternoon as a 2.5 hour session. We also do all day events, and specialized one hour sport sessions. All times are ultimately dictated and decided by your company requirements.

How much time do you need to organise a Coach Approach Expo?

The larger the event, the more time is required to secure venues, resources, athletes, permits etc. Depending on the type of event you desire, we usually need a minimum of two weeks.

I can’t decide on what program to choose – can you help?

YES. Just give one of our Play Strategists a call, or fill in the online booking inquiry form with your company details, and we will assist in working out what program will be most suited to achieving your desired outcome.

What do participants need to bring to the Expo?

Participants should wear comfortable clothing that enables them to partake in sporting activities. They should also bring smiles and enthusiasm.

What if it rains?

Our number one priority is to provide a safe and enjoyable environment for all participants. If it does happen to rain, we will assess the situation, and deem it either safe or unsafe to continue with prior program arrangements. Our Coach Approach team, monitor the weather very closely in the lead up to the Expo, if it is forecast to rain we will look at making alternative arrangements indoors at a venue in close proximity to where the Expo was going to be previously conducted.

We can also, in consultation with you, reschedule the Expo if possible to another date.

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