The benefits of sport and physical activity for children include; reduced risk of obesity, improve personal and social skills, including cooperation and leadership, along with mental health benefits such as increased self-esteem and confidence.

Coach Approach provide inter-active programs that aim to promote these benefits of sports participation, health and fitness education, to all schools around Australia.

We use Elite Athletes to deliver sports programs and educational workshops, that inspire and encourage students to ‘Get Active’ in a fun and positive environment.

Our program has been benefiting Australians for over 20 years, visiting over 100,000 school children per year.

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History of Coach Approach

Coach Approach was established in 1995 by five Deakin University Students as a way of counteracting the downfall of sports participation. Former Melbourne Footballer and Media personality David Schwarz (The Ox) was one of the original Coach Approach creators and still plays an active role in support of the company. Libby Kirchner, one of the original partners is now the sole director of the company and has seen the company’s steady growth over its 20 year stint.